What to Ask to a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

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Before you hire a professional carpet cleaner, there are some things that you should ask. Asking the right questions is very significant because it can give you an idea about the cleaner – you can know if the firm or company is up to the carpet cleaning task, able to meet your demanding needs and of course, their professionalism. A very professional carpet cleaner will be able to handle most, if not all of your questions with regards to carpet cleaning. So go ahead, ask the carpet cleaning Fullerton companies now.

Here are some examples of the questions you can ask:

  • “How long have you been in the industry and business of carpet cleaning?” This is a question about the experience of the professional. The answer can speak sufficiently about the reputation of the professional as well. You may do simple and quick search online for the company and read customer reviews.
  • “Will you do vacuuming first before doing the thorough carpet cleaning?” first and foremost, it is important that the surface of the carpet is vacuumed before the deep cleaning and hence, the answer must be yes. The process of initial vacuuming is a limiting factor – if it is great, the entire job will be great and otherwise if not.
  • “How do you price your services?” You will pay their services and hence, you should know something about the structure of their pricing. Generally, the rate should be based on the area of the carpet cleaned and not by the amount of rooms. On your part, have the time to make measurement of the area before getting a professional carper cleaner. Be aware of the companies offering prices per room and keep in mind that the size of the room varies.
  • “How much will the carpet cleaning cost?” Many of the carpet cleaning firms offer free quotes of their services. Ask your preferred carpet cleaner about it first before hiring them.
  • “Are your service technicians qualified and certified via IICRC or the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration?” This question is to make sure that you will not only get professional people to clean your carpet, but those who are properly trained, skilled and knowledgeable.
  • “Who will move the furniture? If it will be you, will you charge extra for it?” There cases in which carpets are used as flooring and some of the furniture are on top of it. It is good to know if the carpet cleaner will address this issue and will not charge extra.

Of course, these questions are just guide that you can use as you look for the right carpet cleaner and you can ask other carpet cleaning related queries. Since you will spend money, it is best that you get your money’s worth. With the right questions being asked, you are establishing your rights as a customer and this will give signal to the carpet cleaner that you are a serious client.

Look for the best carpet cleaning Fullerton should be easy as long as you ask the right questions.

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What to Ask to a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

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